Doing some maths: local Xbox 360 news next week

We’re off to a big Halo 3 event next week, with some of the boys from Bungie in town to show off their latest and greatest complete with some single player hands-on and new multipayer maps. Plus I’ve been invited to have a chat with the Bungie crew earlier in the day — if you have any questions you want asked, shoot ’em into the comments below!

But what’s also important on the news front is looking at next week in context of all the overseas news we’ve been hearing on Xbox 360.There is the Elite, which we have been promised as a ‘winter’ arrival here in Australia – not too long to go there, so next week would be a good time to hand us the goss.

Then there is the Halo 3 Special Edition console. I think we’re odds on to hear all about that next week.

On top of all this, the US price drops have been confirmed. So… my guess (and hope) is that next week we’ll get street date for the Elite, to be before the end of the month, as well as a price drop on the Premium edition to $599. Hopefully the Elite timing will coincide with the arrival of these new HDMI enabled Premium consoles that have just been confirmed as rolling out quietly in the US.

This is pure speculation – I’m just trying to do the maths on what we’re hearing OS and when we could possibly expect that news to flow into our little patch down here.

What do you think?