New Dolphin Mini and Micro Torches from Eveready


Ah, the Dolphin! This year marks the 40th anniversary for the iconic Aussie torches that were passed by as Maglight and friends turned up and went metal on shedding light at the darkest hour. But drop a Mag in water and that sucker is going to briskly head south, possibly to make sexy time with one of those weird deep ocean fish with a light above its fanged maw. And that’s when you’ll wish you’d gone for a tough, waterproof, floating Dolphin friend.

Well it’s a good time to get one, because not only has Dolphin gone Xenon for a 30% brightness boost, it also now comes in Mini and Micro varieties for when you need something more portable. Stupidly cheap with lifetime guarantee! More details and pics to give real-world scale below.Dolphin_Mini_Toolbox_01.jpg
While the Mini is a little bigger for taking on trips or “keeping in the top drawer next to the bed in case of a blackout.” It will cost $13.99 and take 2 x D batteries (included).

The Micro is said to be a perfect fit “in a handbag or backpack”. It will cost just $9.99 and take 2 x AA batteries (included).


Both will be available in October, both in red or yellow. You’ll find them at all the big retailers. I’ll take two of each.