Screw Star Wars, Lego’s got a Ferrari

Okay, okay, I got carried away up there, but this Lego Ferrari is well worth a mention. And has Ferrari ever messed with your fondest childhood memories like Lucas? They deserve your love, and when you don’t have the dough for a real one, building your own stylish Lego model is a better than average compromise.

There have been a few Ferrari models in the ‘Racers’ range, but this TECHNIC model of the 599 GTB Fiorano feels more in the spirit of true Ferrari style. V12 with working pistons, front wheel steering, working suspension and more. Best of all, that looks like a pretty good rendering of the true Ferrari Red (TM). No idea of the if / when of local release – anyone hit a toy store lately and know if it is in the local market? [via Toyology]