Telstra shops use iRiver S10 to record your conversations

irivers10.jpgI have to admit that last night on *gulp* Today Tonight there was an interesting spot on Telstra shops recording your live discussions with staff – yep, it isn’t just for phone calls anymore. It was focused on the fact you’d be hard pressed to notice the signs in store that point this out. Fact is, there are signs, but they are small. So be warned – ask your Telstra shop attendant not to record you if you’re the paranoid type.

What caught my eye was the fact they’re using the iRiver S10 to do the dirty work. It’s tiny, and it has built-in voice recording. Perfect. If you’re looking for a stealthy little audio recorder, you’ve got the Telstra seal of approval on an S10. If they’re sending this audio off to the USA for analysis (and according to TT, they are), it must be delivering fairly good quality too. I’d link to the story if it was on the TT site… but there’s obviously no room between the story on Hair Loss Horrors and Two Towns Battle Weight Loss.