iPhone 16: Release Date, Rumours, Leaks, Features & More

iPhone 16: Release Date, Rumours, Leaks, Features & More

With the iPhone 15 now available and in the hands of millions of Apple fans across the world, attention now turns to the iPhone 16. What are we expecting from the iPhone 16? What camera and performance upgrades might come with the new device?

This article is being treated as a wrap-up of any rumours/leaks/analyst predictions in the lead-up to the release of the iPhone 16, adding new info as we learn it. Let’s iDive in.

Latest iPhone 16 News, Rumours and Leaks

May 17

New images of the iPhone 16 Pro Max have emerged and it a bit bigger than the already huge iPhone 15 Pro Max. Spotted by 9to5Mac, the iPhone 16 Pro Max model has a 6.9 inch screen 0.2 inches bigger than the iPhone 15 Pro Max at 6.7-inches. The images of the iPhone 16 model look similar to the 15 just a bit bigger.

April 16

Nine has images of the iPhone 16 dummies showing the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro models with a new button on the right-hand side that can activate the camera app. This has been designed so users can easily take a selfie with the new button. The dummy phones also show the Pro Max model to be bigger than the current device.

March 28

Weibo user OvO Ou Ou Yi Yi Yi Yi baby baby sauce OvO (via Tom’s Guide) has leaked what looks like the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 renders. The Pro model has the usual 3 camera set up on the back of the phone with the action button and volume on the right-hand side.
The iPhone 16, however, has a vertical stack for its two cameras, rather than the diagonal set up in the 15 model.

February 16

Spotted earlier this month, the iPhone 16 base model camera layout could be a throwback to the Cupertino company’s 10-year anniversary model, the iPhone X. MacRumors has put together a mock-up of what the models could look like, showing a vertical stack with a small bump, reducing the camera area size on the phone.

iPhone 16 Release Date in Australia

It’s safe to expect that the iPhone 16 will be released sometime in September 2024. The iPhone 15 was revealed on September 13, 2023, and was subsequently released on September 23. Apple will likely have a similar timeline with the 2024 range, although there is perhaps a small chance that Apple could move the event and release to October and November, as the company did with the iPhone 13.

iPhone 16 Versions

The iPhone 16 range will likely be comprised of the usual suspects – the standard iPhone 16 model, the Plus (a larger phone with the same base specs), the Pro (a much more powerful device with better cameras), and the Pro Max (a much more powerful device with a larger body and screen). We’re not expecting the Mini to return, sadly.

It was speculated last year that an iPhone with the ‘Ultra’ suffix may be introduced to replace the Pro Max, and although this didn’t end up happening, it’s widely tipped that the ‘Ultra’ naming has shifted to the 2024 range. Whether or not the Ultra will be an additional phone in the lineup, or will replace the Pro Max, time will tell.

iPhone 16 Features: What to Expect


We learned from Macrumors on August 15 that the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max could feature an upgraded 48-megapixel ultrawide camera, capable of better lighting quality in dim environments, but for the moment, that’s the most we’ve learned about the new lenses.


The iPhone 16’s battery is predicted to have a thermal system integrated after some of the iPhone 15 models were overheating last year, as per MacRumors. Its Pro model is rumoured to have a 3,355 mAh capacity with a redesigned connector, according to known Apple Source Kosutami (see below).

Action Button

There is news that a new button on the right hand side will appear on the new models, according to Nine. The button will activate the camera app and users will be able to take photos when the app is open.

As reported by Macrumors on November 30, it’s expected that the Action button will be introduced across all models, not just the Pro devices like with the iPhone 15 range where the Action button was introduced.

Forbes reported on November 4 that the Pro and Pro Max could feature a redesigned Action button. It’ll be a capacitive button, capable of different or stronger inputs, depending on the strength applied to the button, similar to when you tap on your screen harder and you may get different actions, like the option to delete apps. This button has been all but confirmed with MacRumors highlighting that Apple has highlighted a “huge amount” of capacitive buttons for the upcoming iPhone 16 model.

The report noted that Apple will replace the current buttons on both sides of the iPhone 15 with capacitive versions that will provide ‌iPhone 16‌ users with haptic feedback, interesting.

Just to quell your expectations; rumours that the 2024 range would feature ‘Taptic’ buttons have been squashed.


On top of new buttons, it’s also expected that the iPhone 16 will feature Wi-Fi 7 support. As reported again by Macrumors on August 15, it’s expected that the Pro and Pro Max models will feature Wi-Fi 7, while the standard and Plus models will feature Wi-Fi 6e.


It’s also expected that Siri will be getting generative AI features, according to Macrumors.


For this upcoming model, the notch is rumoured to be no more, according to Patently Apple, designs have been in the work where the new iPhone could have an under-the-display Face ID module.


The latest Apple products like the iPad Pro and MacBook Air, have an AI or ‘machine learning’ focus. The M4 and M3 chips, that are in the iPad Pro and MacBook Air and Macbook Pro feature a Neural Engine. We suspect the iPhone 16 will have more of an AI focus this year following in the footsteps of its cousins.

iPhone 16 Design: What to Expect


Prominent leaker @URedditor posted in May 2023 that the new iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max would have new screen dimensions; 6.3-inch and 6.9-inch respectively, while the standard and Plus would have the same screen sizes as their predecessors (6.1-inch and 6.69-inch respectively).

As you might be expecting, the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max devices will likely see the introduction of a new A-series chip, while the standard and Plus will be handed down the A17 chip from the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, which is just how Apple handles its incremental upgrades.

Additionally, as of November 17, it’s expected that the new range of iPhones will feature a graphene heat sink to address overheating concerns. The higher production costs of the iPhone 15 could also result in a price hike for the 2024 range, as reported by Nikkei Asia on October 21.


According to Twitter/X user ShrimpApplePro, a Weibo account user has said the iPhone 16 will be ditching its titanium and titanium blue colour and replacing it with a rose hue. There will also be a black, white and grey offering this year. This could be speculation but the Weibo user said the iPhone 14 would come in purple.

Another report from MacRumors notes possible colours for the iPhone 16 Plus models that include two new hues: purple and white. The current 15 Plus model comes in black, pink, yellow, green and blue. The report notes these colours will also be released this year.

iPhone 15 Plus line up. Image: Apple

iPhone 16 Accessories: What To Expect

Ahh the accessories are the most overlooked and underrated part of an iPhone. Nothing yet has emerged, but if I could ask for one thing that it would be the MagSafe round circle and line on the back of cases be erased, that would be great. Bring back crystal-clear cases!

iPhone 16 Price: What to Expect

The iPhone 15 was expected to be more expensive, and it was! The iPhone 15 Pro Max started from a hefty $2,199 and the most expensive model with 1 TB of data was $2,899. For this year’s model, nothing has been uttered yet of the price, but assume you’ll be paying the same as the 15 or a bit more.

That’s all we know so far. As always, we’ll keep you updated as we learn more about the iPhone 16 range. For now, check out our iPhone 15 review and our thoughts on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Image: Apple

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