FastMac Blu-ray recordable drives for Macs

FastMac, a specialist in third-party Mac upgrades, has announced slot-loading Blu-ray drives suitable for upgrading your Mac laptops. This includes machines all the way back to PowerBook G3 and iBook G4! And, of course, up to current MacBook Pros, iMacs and Mac minis. They are 2x BD-R and 8x DVD±R, so every media on the market (that isn’t HD DVD) will happily climb aboard. A tray-loader option is available too, suited to eMac G4, iMac G4, and all PowerMacs back to the G3.

It’s US$999.95 (slot) or US$529.95 (tray). It’s steep, but it’s here and now, and there’s surely a section of the market out there who will see this and snap it up immediately. I can just see a Mac mini spinning up 50GB of goodness right now… could that come close to a perfect miniature media centre? [FastMac via Slashgear]