Federal Govt refuses tax break for games industry

Filmmakers in this country get access to a 40% tax break for their creative endeavours, a help which makes a big difference to the local industry. The Game Developer’s Association of Australia has been fighting to get equal standing with film for quite some time, and this past week they have been directly told to go cyber themselves by Helen Coonan.

Logan at Kotaku AU brought this to our attention, and it seems the GDAA now has information up at their site on how gamers can help petition for access to this rebate. We have some devs here now that really punch above weight – Pandemic, Krome, 2K Australia (the studio formerly known as Irrational), IR Gurus, plus more – yet they constantly struggle to stay afloat due to funding dramas. If you love to get your game on, go take a look at how you can put pen to paper and give some support in the lead up to the election. [No rebate for Australian Developers]