Breakfast Wrap: Best of Wednesday Night

breakfast-fryup.jpgTough couple of days around these parts, with a mix of personal and technical issues holding up the AU end of postage. Thanks for not getting too rowdy in your complaints — here’s the best of last night as a reward!

100 California households get to test drive plug-in Prius
Fantastic step forward in the quest for clean cars. Next stop, clean power to feed them…

Fastest Windows Vista notebook? A MacBook Pro
Fanboys, time for a high noon face-off. Winner takes all.

12 best jack-o’-lanterns in the world
Halloween may not be big here, but everyone can appreciate 1337 carving skillz.

Initial D takes arcade driving sims to next level
Real WRXs, RX-7s, and Tofus all hooked up in a racing sim.

Full functioning nanotube radio
A single carbon nanotube doing everything it needs to be a radio. Modern science is so damn confusing…

Gphone hype drives Google stock past $700
This is insane. That’s 823% growth on IPO in just over three years.