Denon Smart Theatre 302 hits Australia

has added a very nice new home theatre option to their local line up,
the S-302. A compact ‘Smart Theatre’ system, the S-302 goes the virtual
surround route by running Dolby Virtual and dts Virtual through its 2.1
channel speakers. Not quite a sound bar style arrangement, so it would
be an interesting point of comparison to the Yamaha and Philips
options. The system delivers 1080p from DVD (HDMI, of course) and the
3-channel amp offers 50 watts to the satellites and 100 watts to the

You also get Wi-Fi and Ethernet networking for streaming
off your PC (Windows or Mac) or network attached storage, either music
tracks or Internet radio. MP3, WMA, WMA Lossless, AAC, WAV, and FLAC
are all supported. Get it at the premium price of $2,999. Or get
something else for much less. All depends on your ‘phile’ status. [Denon Australia]