Samsung LED backlit monitor goes for OTT colour gamut

samsung_xl20.jpgIt’s expensive, but it’s not built for those who worry about price tag when they’re buying their workstation monitors. The new Samsung XL20 is a designer LCD with LED backlighting that pushes colour gamut up to 114% of the NTSC spectrum. Sadly, this is the figure they’ve shared with the local market, and we’re having a hard time spotting the details for the specifics on its spectrum standards beyond this general figure. Is it xvYCC? No, that delivers 180% of sRGB.

Still, it’s an important addition to the Samsung range and gives high-end users another company to choose from in this space. The monitor is packaged with hood and Huey colour calibration tool. Squeeze $2499 out of your wallet and one could be on its way to your desktop right now. [Samsung XL20]