UPDATED: Get TiVo Early — Beta Testers Wanted

TiVo Beta.jpgWe’re not sure what to expect with TiVo when it launches in Australia. Sure, we love the idea of being to record all your favourite shows, have Season Pass do all the hard work for you and watch the latest episode of Neighbours Heroes whenever we feel like it in glorious Hi-Def. But the whole Channel 7 thing makes us concerned that we’ll just be stuck in this never-ending loop of Kochy and that O’Keefe guy telling progressively worse jokes to an audience of drugged up middle-aged housewives.

That’s why we’ve registered to become Beta testers for the service. Sure, we probably won’t be selected, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t. All you need to do is answer a bunch of questions, sign an NDA and sell your soul agree to do weekly homework assignments.

But hurry! We’ve already filled out our second survey to try and win the TiVo lottery ticket, and we don’t think this entertainment gravy train will be waiting for long.

UPDATE: Ok, so as some of the commenters have pointed out (thanks guys!), TiVo have actually stopped accepting applications for beta testers.  There may be a second round though, so check back frequently for the latest updates…

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