I Tube, You Tube, We All Tube With Sony


YouTube is one hell of a bandwagon. Not only are regular folk getting on it to post inane and/or embarrassing clips of themselves to share with the rest of the world, but companies are starting to come up with products designed specifically for this use.

Take the Sony NSCGC1 “Net Share Cam” from Sony. It’s been around for a couple of months now, and its main purpose in life is to shoot video for the web. It doesn’t even have to be YouTube – any video or photo sharing site is catered for.

It’s available for the price of $299, which isn’t half bad for a device that can take 5 megapixel stills as well as VGA video at 30 fps. It records directly onto Memory Stick (what did you expect from Sony?) and comes with software for uploading to the web installed directly onto the camera, so you can plug it into any PC to share.

Sony’s website has all the specs, but if you’re after a dedicated camera for YouTube (who knows, you could be the next Chris Crocker), it’s well worth a look.

[Sorry Seamus!Sony Australia]

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