Wallmount Your iPod

Tannoy i30 Premium Digital iPod System (Secondary image).jpg

Everyone knows that iPods totally dominate the MP3 playing market. The real proof isn’t in the numbers of iPods sold, but in the number of iPod accessories. And when names like Tannoy jump on your bandwagon, you’re pretty much setting sail for the sweet land of world domination profit with one hell of a tailwind.

So now that Tannoy, one of the world’s oldest and most respected speaker manufacturers has released an iPod dock, iPod owners everywhere should start feeling their wallets itch with anticipation. The $599 i30 iPod speaker has a contemporary design, and is powered by 2 x 100mm drive units, with a frequency response of 60Hz-22kHz.

It works with pretty much any iPod you throw at it, has a 3.5mm jack for “other” branded players and charges your iPod like all good docks should. There’s also the obligatory IR remote in the box.

But where the i30 really stands out is in the $40 optional wall mount. It’s a sturdy mount that will let you connect your speaker to the wall for that modern living vibe that seems to be popular with the kids.
[Syntec International]