Rumour: Pioneer To Sell LCD TVs?

We already know that Pioneer has decided to kill off its 42-inch plasma televisions, but if the rumours being circulated by SmartHouse are true, then we’ll soon see them release a range of LCD TVs.

The move makes sense – plasmas have never competed with LCDs in the smaller screen sizes, and with LCD growing in popularity every year, LCDs have become even cheaper to produce. On top of that, Pioneer’s recent alliance with Sharp (who will provide the LCDs, according to the report) would indicate that Pioneer were looking at expanding their TV lineup.

Pioneer will continue to sell Plasmas in the 50 to 60 inch sizes, and are even planning an 80-inch model, apparently. Hopefully they’ll all incorporate the awesome contrast technologies we saw at CES.

If the rumour is correct, we should expect the announcement to occur on March 7. We’ll keep you posted.