This Is What The PSP Phone Should Look Like


Sometimes all it takes is a sexy looking mock-up to get you excited by a fictional product. I’m not saying that the PSP-phone is a fabrication of some overstimulated imaginations – in some deep, dark dungeon of Sony Ericsson’s design lab they probably have half a dozen prototypes. Bu that doesn’t mean that they’ll ever make it to market, no matter what Sony Magazine says.

If (and when) the PSP phone ever does come to market, I really, really hope it looks like this. I mean, come on… who wouldn’t want the two-way sliding mechanism, sleek black lines and full PSP controls). It actually looks like it would be good for both gaming and making calls.

Of course at the moment, this is a complete fake – the magazine even admits that the PSP phone only has a 35% chance of becoming reality. On a side note, I’m not entirely sure what mag it is – to me it looks like a Spanish version of Stuff. If anyone can confirm, post in the comments. It’s driving me crazy!

[NeoGAF via Kotaku AU]

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