Seven ‘Boning’ TiVo Before It Even Gets A Launch

Could it be true? The SMH is reporting today that Channel Seven is considering ditching TiVo before it’s even launched to instead get behind a “Freeview” PVR with all the other networks. The joint venture is an attempt by the free-to-air networks to take the fight to Foxtel.

The Freeview PVR will be based on the successful Freeview unit available in the UK, and would be released early next year. It would give users access to all the free-to-air digital stations, which would number at about 15 once the networks launch their second SD channels next year.
Seven’s TiVo unit is expected to incur a one-off cost of about $300-$400 for the box, plus a monthly subscription fee. There’s no word on pricing on the planned Freeview model being pushed by Nine and 10, but hopefully it would do away with the monthly subscription fee.

Apparently Seven has refused to comment on their plans. I actually hope both go ahead – competition is great for our entertainment industry, which has been held back for too long because of petty squibbles.

But what do you think? Should Seven ditch TiVo in favour of a new Freeview PVR? Or should both be given a go to take on Foxtel?