Slot Car Sculpture Should Be Racing Onto Our Wall

Remember the good old days? When instead of playing Gran Turismo on the Playstation you would stick a couple of cars with wire poking out the bottom onto a track and press a trigger to make them go around? No? I must be getting old then…

Anyway… Designer Pete Nidzgorski has created a cheap, modern sculpture that anybody can hang on their wall using their dusty old Scalectrix. And if you happen to be too young to own a Scalectrix, you can pick them up cheap on ebay.

Because the tracks come in pieces, you can create practically any track design you want to have on your own wall as well, from the figure eight seen here to something complex, like a Gizmodo logo, perhaps?


The only downside with having a model racetrack hanging vertically from your wall is that you can’t actually plug the thing in and have vertical car races with your significant other. It would be a great way to decide once and for all who gets to be lord and master of the TV remote, wouldn’t it?

[X818 via Apartment Therapy]