Breakfast Wrap: Best of the Weekend


Okay, it’s more like a Brunch Wrap, but it is Monday, the gremlins were in the CMS and I was underwhelmed by the Red Bull Flugtag yesterday. Now, on with the wrap…

Phone Retailer Talks About Giving Away Free Laptops With Mobile Internet Service
From Carphone Warehouse in the UK. Hopefully they’ll be decent laptops – as cool as the Eee PC is, I don’t actually want one.

MOOV Is The Lego Of Kids Vehicles
Just one more reason why we need time travel – so we can go back in time and give our young selves one of these…

Bill Gates Says Next Windows Coming Next Year or So
So definitely don’t upgrade to Vista yet.

Guy Collects 5000 Mobile Phones, Makes Art
I wonder how many of them were Motorolas?

Walt Says 3G iPhone coming in 60 days
It may have a black back casing, too. Hopefully this will be alongside the launch of an Aussie iPhone?