Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night


OQO Running OS X Leopard: The Smallest Mac in the World?
Hackintosh is popular these days, apparently.

This is How Cyber Criminals Party (Mimes and Blow-Up Dolls)
Reminds me of the story of Queen snorting coke off trays on the heads of midgets. Are hackers the new rock stars then?

Top Gun 2008, the Movie (Without Cruise, Fortunately)
The video would’ve been better with a bit of Kenny Loggins pumping out, don’t you think?

Fluidhand Prosthetic Makes Us Think of Darth and Luke
Now all we need is a robot that can connect this onto our lightsaber-ravaged arm stumps.

Falx Promises Private Tilt-Rotor Aircraft. Verdict: Improbable
I wish someone would bend the laws of physics to make this a reality now.