Check Out the First Stranger Things Stage Show Trailer

Check Out the First Stranger Things Stage Show Trailer

We’re still months away from the fifth and final season of Stranger Things, so while we wait, it might be time to travel to London. That’s where the most recent piece of mythology in the series can be found and now, for the first time, we’ve got a real good look.

In December, a stage play called Stranger Things: The First Shadow opened in London’s West End. Set in 1959 Hawkins, it follows a young Henry Creel, revealed to be the evil Vecna in the fourth season of the show, when he first arrived in town, and shows how he became the first of a group of kids with special abilities. Beyond that, not much has been known or seen from the show. That is, until today, when Netflix released the first trailer for the production.


Stranger Things: The First Shadow | Meet Henry Creel | Netflix

As it is set just over two decades before the show, several of the main adults are seen here as younger versions of themselves. Characters such as Jim Hopper, Bob Newby, Joyce Maldonado, and even Dr. Brenner. It looks kind of amazing and only makes us that much more excited for the show to come back one last time.

Of course, the biggest problem with this trailer is that you can only see the full show by heading to London. However, you now have more time than you may have thought. The First Shadow was just extended into 2025, giving fans plenty of time to make travel plans to see the origins of this popular franchise.

Written by Kate Trefry and directed by Stephen Daldry as well as Justin Martin, Stranger Things: The First Shadow is now showing at the Phoenix Theatre in London. Visit the official site for more info, tickets, and more.

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