Marvel’s Vision Will Return to Disney+ With a Little Help From Star Trek: Picard

Marvel’s Vision Will Return to Disney+ With a Little Help From Star Trek: Picard

Earlier this month, bigwigs at Marvel and Disney made it clear they’d be making a strategic decision to release fewer movies and TV shows going forward. Now we know at least one new Disney+ series that’ll be part of that scaled-down plan: a show centering Vision which will bring back Paul Bettany as the character (last seen not quite himself at the end of WandaVision) and be showrun by Star Trek: Picard’s Terry Matalas.

Variety had the scoop on the as-yet untitled series, noting that it’s not due until 2026. Beyond Bettany’s return and Matalas coming aboard, not much more is known about the plot; Marvel fans, of course, will recall that Vision has been through a rollercoaster of existence since being killed by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. He played suburban hubby as part of the elaborate, magical illusion created by Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) in WandaVision, then stepped back into the real world in a ghostly-white form to fight himself in the WandaVision finale. As Variety reminds us, “Wanda’s Vision restored the ghost Vision’s memories, then Wanda allowed her Vision to fade from existence. The new show will take place after those events, as ghost Vision presumably explores his new purpose in life.”

The trade also notes this is a different version of the Vision series than an earlier incarnation from Jac Schaeffer, who created WandaVision but is now hard at work on Disney+ spin-off Agatha All Along, due later this year.

Are you excited for Vision’s return, and to see what Bettany will do with the character next? What do you make of Matalas joining the Marvel team?

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