Let Motorola Unite Your Home And Work Phones Through Love, Patience And Bluetooth

moto bluetooth.jpg

Motorola may be struggling a little in the handset division, but when it comes to Bluetooth accessories, they’re still pumping out the goods. So long as you’re interested in Bluetooth accessories, that is.

Their latest is the H710 Headset. It doesn’t look very different to any other Motorola Bluetooth headset, but it has the hidden power to pair with two Bluetooth devices at the same time.

That means that you can pair it with both your work and home phones, or your mobile and your PC for VoIP. And having two different gadgets paired means that you can look like a corporate twat active businessman for twice as long each day.

The flip-open boom mic automatically answers calls when you flip it open, and saves the battery life when you swing it closed as well, giving you a longer talk time. It’s available for $130.