Let Nemo Find Himself In The Labyrinth Aquarium


If the dentist in Finding Nemo had owned a Labyrinth aquarium like this one in his surgery, all of his fish would have been happy to stay right where they were, Nemo would never have been reunited with his dad and Dory probably would have been eaten by a shark.

In case you couldn’t tell by looking at the picture, it’s a series of interconnected fish bowls, which offer your fish a wide variety of exciting new areas to explore.

All the important stuff, like lights, pumps, filters and cleaning equipment is stored in the cabinet below, which is available in three different colours: cheery brown, black and carbon fiber.

Sadly, you’ll need to be a dentist to afford it – the Labyrinth aquarium costs US$5,500. Ouch.

[Opulent Items via Cool Hunting]