Metallica To Embrace File Sharing?


How times change. Metallica, one of the major reasons why Napster was forced to shut up shop eight years ago have stated in an interview with Rolling Stone that they’ve been following Radiohead’s and Trent Reznor’s moves into online distribution with interest.

From the interview:

“We want to
be as free a players as possible. We’ve been observing Radiohead
and Trent Reznor and in twenty-seven years or however long it takes
for the next record, we’ll be looking forward to everything in
terms of possibilities with the Internet.”

Their upcoming album is their last on contract with Warner music, so the move into an online distribution world that cuts out the record company middleman would be very enticing for a successful band like them.

The interview also has a few other juicy nuggets, like their love for Guitar Hero and, in a way, their thoughts on record stores versus iTunes.

If Metallica are looking to make money through file-sharing their music like Radiohead and NIN, we could finally see an end to the madness, a reduction in piracy and peace on earth. Peace on earth with metal, that is.

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