Portable NES Console Gives Us Wood


Video game consoles may have changed since the heady days of the late 1980s; games may have become graphically superior in every way, with engaging storylines and environments designed to recreate an alternate universe where many actions just don’t have consequences. But one thing has stayed constant – wood looks good.

That’s probably why I have an irresponsible feeling of lust towards this portable modded NES system from Parker Dillman. Despite the massive NES cartridge sticking out the top, the small screen and the retro gaming action, the fact that the case is made out of wood just tickles the part of my brain that says, “buy it”. You know, the part of my brain that always gets me into trouble with the missus.

Click the link to check out the entire worklog from concept to completion – it’s awesome.

[The Longhorn Engineer via Ubergizmo]