Swarovski Lighting, The 24/7 Mood Light For Your Home

swarovski light.jpeg
Those marketing guys at Swarovski are quite the gadget whores – they’ll happily stick their crystals on anything and everything for a bit of promotion. But it isn’t always a bad thing, especially when you get products like their lighting range.

The concept is simple – they use their crystals to refract and reflect the light from LEDs onto your loungeroom ceiling, walls or floor (or all three). And although that sounds like it could look worse than, say, a Swarovski toilet, it’s done in an understated way that looks unique and appealing.

The pic above is part of their Spots range, dubbed the Fana, but there are countless options available, including drop down crystals for the disco effect and lights that are flush with the ceiling.

Some of the range is available in Australia, but you’ll need to contact Swarovski directly for a more detailed breakdown of exactly what, where and how much they are.

[Swarovski via Trendir]