Warning: Don’t Try And Show Off When You See A Google StreetView Camera


Google’s StreetView will be launching in Australia some time this year. The cars have already been driving around, taking photos of the street – and anyone who happens to be in them.

While there are some people whinging about privacy concerns, others have been trying to show off. Like this kid in the US. Google’s Streetview cameras captured his attempt at Google fame as it turned from “kid riding a bike” to “kid lying on his back on the footpath“.

Needless to say, hilarity ensued. Our warning: If you see a car driving around with a bigass camera mounted on top, don’t try and show off – it will only end in tears (of laughter for the rest of us).

Hit the link for the whole raft of pictures chronicling the event.

[Google Sightseeing via The Raw Feed]