Apple Looking For An iPhone Field Validation Engineer With UMTS Experience – 3G iPhone Confirmed Then?

Mobile phones aren’t just randomly released to a hapless public – they have to go through some fairly stringent testing with the networks before they get approval. And despite being the Second Coming of the  Jesusphone, the iPhone’s Australian release is still bound by those rules.

Which means Apple need someone to test the phone. Which is why they’ve advertised for an iPhone field validation engineer. It’s a fairly technical position, requiring all kinds of knowledge and experience. Like “technical understanding and experience with GSM/GPRS, Edge, CDMA and UMTS” experience. That’s right: we said UMTS.

Of course, this could just be covering all the bases, seeing as how we don’t have a CDMA network anymore. But it could also be another piece of circumstantial evidence in the case for the imminent release of a 3G iPhone in Australia.

On a side note – if you do apply for the job and get it, don’t forget to remember your friends at Gizmodo – you know what we mean.

[Apple JobsThanks James!]