Breakfast Wrap: Best of Tuesday Night


World’s Biggest Airport Opens in Beijing
Can you imagine landing at this airport? It would make the whole 9-hour flight worthwhile!

Mobile Phone Cameras to Go to 8 Megapixels with Ominvision’s BSI Sensor?
Hopefully we’ll start seeing some more cameraphones with optical zooms and faster shutter speeds too.

How to Build Your Own Sea-Based Country for Fun and Profit
It sounds wonderful, but down the line the same problems are just going to keep rearing their ugly head. But for those first few years, this could be totally worth it.

Microwaving a Mobile Phone Produces Very, Very Unexpected Results
Wanna guess what it is? I reckon it will actually let ET phone home…

The Birth of a Virus, Photographed for First Time
Congratulations mum and dad, it’s a VIRUS!