Breakfast Wrap, Best Of Wednesday Night


Latest 3G iPhone Rumour Brings GPS, Mobile TV, Videoconferencing, into the Equation
The upside is that in a few weeks, we won’t have to worry about 3G iPhone rumours because we’ll have them in our hot little hands. Hopefully.

Earth Set to Receive Alien Reply, Invasion in 2015?
The third X-Files movie is sure to follow if this happens…

Here’s What The Guitar Hero IV Drums Look Like
If Rock Band doesn’t hurry up and launch down here, I can see this being popular in Australia

BlackBerry Bold (aka 9000) Will Sync to iTunes
Sure, it’s just a rumour at this point, but the number of times I’ve wished I could sync my PSP or phone to iTunes is too great to count.

Blooming Bidet, Because You Deserve a Remote-Control Toilet
We ALL deserve a remote controlled toilet.