Pioneer All Out Of 50-Inch HD Kuro, Drops Price on LX Range

If you were hanging out for the last possible minute to pick up a cheap Pioneer 50-inch HD Kuro, you’ve left your run too late. They’re all sold out. Completely. Which is a shame, considering you could have picked one up for under three grand.

There are still a few of the 42-inch models left, so if 50 inches is just too large for you, this is probably your last chance to pick up an awesome TV for an awesome price.

If you still want 50 inches of Kuro goodness, there is hope, with Pioneer today announcing a price drop in their LX range (they’re the Full HD, best TV in the universe models). The RRP for the 50-inch PDP-LX50A has dropped from $7,999 to $5,999, while the 60-inch PDP-LX60A has gone from $11,999 to $9,999.