Reserve Bank Pissed At eBay’s PayPal-Only Payment Plans

ebay greed.jpg

It seems users aren’t the only people pissed off with ebay’s plans to financially rape you only support payments via Paypal. The Reserve Bank is also unimpressed with the proposal, submitting their thoughts to the ACCC.

Their arguments were simple: that Paypal only restricted consumer choice and actively promoted Paypal, limiting competition for other payment methods. They also felt that if eBay’s whole “security” argument were true, people would opt to use it exclusively, rather than having it forced down their throats.

As well as the RBA, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and Australian Bankers’ Association (ABA) have also lodged their thoughts with the ACCC, and neither of them were too happy with the auction site either.

Now, eBay has until May 23 to respond to the 350+ submissions to the ACCC. After that? Who knows, but hopefully it will end with eBay walking home with its tail between its legs…

[Australian IT]