TomTom Hops Into Bed With Google Maps, Needs Special Nasal Spray To Get Excited

TomTom have long been at the forefront of satnav technology, but recently they seem to have lost some of their zing, some of their sparkle. Their latest batch of devices are essentially slight redesigns on their previous models, without any really compelling features.

So what’s the answer? Adding Google Maps functionality, of course. Not in the practical way – using them to replace the WhereIs mapping – but by letting you send business POIs to your satnav from Google maps via TomTom’s Home software.

It’s exactly like what we saw Garmin satnavs doing about a month ago, and the Dash GPS before that. So I guess they get full credit for adding a feature that’s pretty much standard these days. They get bonus points for that cheesy video above explaining how it works, too.