Lunch Wrap: Best of Thursday Night

Lunch ham sandwich.jpg

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m starving. It’s a late wrap today, thanks to some borking of our CMS thanks to some automatic updates. But here’s the best of the US stuff:

Official Star Wars USB Hubs May be Best USB Products Ever
And the Star Wars cash cow keeps on mooing.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Lego
Reading this, I suddenly felt very nostalgic for my old Lego toys, which disappeared as I became a teenager…

Secret Planet Killer: High-Tech Japanese Toilets
I still want one…

Bill Gates’ Made Men: The Wild ‘n’ Crazy Ventures of the Microsoft Millionaires
Being rich lets you do heaps of cool stuff.

Chinese Farmer Flies Self-Built Aeroplane, Doesn’t Wet Pants
I reckon it’s a fake. What about you guys?

Attempt at Escalator Spinning Fails Miserably
For every genius this world produces, there’s at least 10 morons. This is a video of one of them.

Pop-Up Hotel Rooms
I can see this being very useful for the prostitution industry…