Rumour: 3 To Release iPhone 3G After July 11

Over the weekend I received a lot of emails from readers saying that people from either 3 stores or 3’s customer care line had told them that the 3 network was likely to be getting the iPhone after the July 11 launch date, although there was no further information than that.

I gave 3 a call to see what the official word was, and got the classic response: “There’s no official update”, which means that even if they are getting it, they’re not prepared to tell the likes of us.

At the same time as all this happening, MIS
has an interesting story about Telstra’s failure to get the iPhone 3G
for launch, based around disagreements over including Sensis
information built-in to shipping units. The end result is the fact that
Telstra’s successful venture out into the world of content – via
BigPond Music and Sensis Maps, for example – has actually hurt it in
terms of releasing the iPhone locally.

The same problem can be said of 3 – they have quite a large investment
in providing entertainment on their network, and those services
actually clash with some of the features available on the iPhone.

In the end, though, we’ll just have to wait a few weeks to see if
either 3 or Telstra have any  announcements regarding the iPhone.

[iPhone 3G on Giz and MIS AustraliaThanks everyone who sent this in!]

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