• Would You Pay For FaceTime Over 3G?

    Would You Pay For FaceTime Over 3G?

    When Apple launched iOS 6, it was happy to announce that FaceTime was finally going to be available over 3G. Great! But now, 9to5mac is reporting, based on leaked screenshots, that using FaceTime over AT&T’s 3G network may require a paid-for contract bolt-on. Not so great.

  • Vodafone’s Boosting Their 2G Network To EDGE

    I must have slept through the Vodafone announcement that as part of their ongoing 3G upgrade, which should finish by the end of this month and brings 3G service to 94 per cent of the population, they were also boosting their 2G network. But boosting it they are!

  • iPhone Lands In Australia

    There’s something in the air. It smells like iPhone fever. And the latest, most exciting piece of information is this photo of… a box. MacTalk Australia have received this image from a “very reliable source” – a box from Apple with an NDA requiring that the box isn’t opened before Tuesday June 10 – which…