TomTom’s MapShare Service Now Available In Australia

I’m not entirely sure how I missed this the other week – maybe I was sleeping – but TomTom have launched their MapShare function in their Australian satnav products.

For those not aware, MapShare lets you update your maps on the fly – incredibly useful if there’s a road closure or a roundabout has been replaced with a set of lights – and then share your updated maps with other MapShare users through the TomTom Home software.

TomTom actively checks and validates MapShare updates before they’re pushed down to other users, and the information is shared with Sensis for the next iteration of their mapping software.

Since it was launched in July 2007 in Europe and July, over 1.5 million changes have been verified by TomTom. Sort of makes you think that mapping software companies are falling behind the 8-ball.

But the best part of this is that you can change any aspect of your map for your own pleasure – for example, changing “George Street Sydney” to “Gizmodo Road Sydney” or the “Pacific Highway” to “Nick Owns This Highway”. It will never be approved for other users, but hey, who cares? I’d buy a TomTom just to be told that I own the road – wouldn’t you?