Updated: Samsung Plan On Giving Away Foxtel iQ2 Set-Top Boxes


UPDATE: One of our tipsters has sent through this image of an upcoming catalogue proving the Samsung giveaway is legit. Of course, what’s interesting to note (that wasn’t mentioned in either the Australian or CNet articles, is that customers have a choice between the Foxtel iQ2 box or a new Samsung BDP-1500 Blu-ray player. This would make sense – not everyone can get Foxtel, and not everyone would want to subscribe to the Foxtel service either.

We’ll obviously keep you posted on any official announcement from Samsung, but seeing as how this catalogue is due to go out this week (and the promotion due to start on July 1, we expect to have official word for you very soon.

Since the advent of plasma TVs and their subsequent rise to power (alongside LCDs, of course); TV manufacturers have seen huge sales boosts just before major sporting events. And seeing as how this year is an Olympic year, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing some really awesome promotions come out of the woodwork in the lead up to Beijing.

Earlier this week we told you about the Sony Bravia promotion, which will see 35,000 Bravia customers receive a free PS3, but now the Australian (and CNet AU) are reporting that next week we’ll be hearing about a Samsung promotion which includes a Foxtel iQ2 box for HD entertainment.

The rumours state that Samsung will be forking over the $200 upgrade fee that Foxtel is charging subscribers to install the iQ2 when they buy a new Samsung TV. There hasn’t been any official confirmation from either Samsung or Foxtel yet, so we don’t know which TVs will include the Foxtel box in the price, but it will obviously cater to their premium lineup of HD displays.

So it looks like July is going to be the month that many of us buy TVs. But which promotion is more appealing?