Use Your Phone To Unlock Doors

EC Key.jpg

Are you one of those people who creates unsightly bulges in your pants every time you leave the house? You know, loading up your pockets with mobile phones, iPods, cameras, business cards, keys, or any other junk you can possibly squeeze into that extra flap of fabric?

You are? Well, if you don’t like looking like your thunder is more elephant man than elephant size, you can ditch the one item in your pockets that bulges at all angles and occasionally stabs you like a knife: your keys.

Designed in New Zealand and launching in Australia for $275 plus installation, the EC Key effectively turns your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone into your house keys, car keys, garage door keys or any other key you want.

It doesn’t require any extra software on your phone – once it’s installed, you just pair it with your mobile phone, and presto… when you get within a set distance of the lock, it will automagically unlock the door in question.

You can register up to 20 different devices to work with EC Key, plus you can use any Bluetooth enabled device to pair – it doesn’t actually have to be your phone. It doesn’t even need to have Bluetooth fully enabled, or even set to discoverable. This could be useful for things like using your satnav device to automatically open your garage door as you drive up the driveway.

It sounds awesome, but there’s just one thing that the website fails to address: What do you do if you lose your phone? Or worse, if it’s stolen? It’s like you’re giving the thief the keys to your home as well, which is so not cool.

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