Wowwee Alive 2008: Not A Chimp Or Elvis In Sight

Yesterday, Wowwee’s Flytech lineup buzzed into our lives in a mash of fairies, Dragons, and weird helicoptor-like flying things. Today we’re going to take a look at their new Alive range of products.

The Alive branch of Wowwee is the family that brought you the Alive Chimp and the Alive Elvis. You remember, those dismembered torsos of life-like primates that were, for lack of a better term, wrong.

Well – fortunately – the 2008 lineup of Alive products is nowhere near as freaky. In fact, you could almost call them cute and cuddly. Rather than base them on the armless torsos of wild animals (you know the Elvis stories as well as I do), they’ve instead designed their new lineup on real-life animal cubs.

There are four different cubs to choose from: lion, white tiger, panda and polar bear. And they are all obscenely life-like. For example, the patterns on the white tiger is actually based on the pattern on a real white-tiger cub. Not only that, but all the sounds these stuffed toys make are actually recordings of the real cubs.

How you handle the cubs effects the way they react as well. Gently pat the cats down their back and they’ll purr; rough them up a bit and they’ll growl at you. As you pat their backs, you can feel each “vertebrae” in their spine, and the pads on their feet are just like the pads on the real cubs.

They’ll be hitting shelves at the end of June for $129.95 each.