Telstra Colombo DECT Phone: Because Home Phones Are Still Cool If They’re Red

Telstra colombo phone.jpgWe all know that home phones are disappearing into that wonderful void known only as obsolescence, but until all the baby-boomers and their tech-fearing ways die off, we’re stuck with companies trying to come up with different ways to make DECT phones exciting for old people. Which is probably why this Telstra Colombo cordless phone is both a) named after an old, decrepit detective with a face in a permanent state of strainage and b) they made it red (although it also comes in black). Of course, now that we’ve gotten DECT phone cynicism out of the way, it actually looks like a pretty nice handset. The Colombo has a built in answering machine that stores messages on the handset, a large, clear screen and a large phonebook, so your Nanna doesn’t have to try and find your number in her hand-written address book every time she wants to call you. There’s also a handsfree mode, if that’s what you’re looking for in a cordless phone. And let’s face it – If you’re looking at a DECT phone at all these days, you want it to have handsfree, don’t you?

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