Rumour: Apple To Sell DRM-Free Music On iTunes At Varying Prices

iTunes Plus.pngThe guys at CNet are reporting that Apple could announce DRM-free music from all four of the major music studios (not just EMI) at Macworld, along with restructured pricing. They also say that over-the-air music downloads (as in via 3G, not Wi-Fi) could be coming soon as well.Before you get all worked up about pricing increases, CNet actually notes that songs will be grouped into three categories: older songs, newer songs that aren’t hits and current hits. Obviously most tracks fall in the older songs category, and CNet reckons that category will sell for $US0.79, while the mid-range songs will stay at $US0.99. There’s no word of how much the current hit songs will cost.

Considering practically every other music store (including BigPond) has DRM-free music downloads, it’s about time that Apple joined the party. Although apparently not all songs will be DRM-free – and there was no indication of how DRM will be stripped from previously purchased music.

In any case, we’ll probably know for certain tomorrow after Schiller gives his maiden and final Macworld Keynote.