Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Tuesday Night

Muffins & Croissants.jpgWindows 3.1 Runs On a Nokia N95, Creating Dangerous Ripple in Space-Time
Interesting choice for a geek project…

Olympus E-620 Entry-Level DSLR Has Swiveling Live View, Impressive Specs
Local pricing is still TBC, but expect this in April.

Apple Safari 4 Beta Available Now: Top Sites, Cover Flow and Nitro
Thi actually sounds pretty good, as you can tell from the hands-on.

Jon Stewart Is Totally Not Buying The Kindle 2
I think the whole ‘one-handed reading’ idea threw him off.

Apple and EMI Roll Out iTunes Pass Mini-Subscription For…Depeche Mode?
I hope Apple does this for 80s hair bands… wait, did I just write that down? Oh dear.

New Bravia Ad Features World’s Largest Zoetrope
Not quite as spectacular on screen as I expect it would have been in real life…