Samsung LED Range Hitting Shelves Next Month, Look Spectacular

This morning I had a chance to eyeball Samsung’s new 6000, 7000 annd 8000 Series LCD TVs with LED backlighting. And they looked fantastic.All three ranges come in three screen sizes: 40, 46 and 55 inches. They use white LED lamps located at the four corners of the screen using an array of mirrors to light up the image evenly. The end result are black levels that look similar to some of the high-end plasmas, with vibrant colours and an ultra-thin screen (about 3cm thick), plus the added benefit of lower power consumption.

The Internet-capable features which are available on the higher-end models (7000 and 8000) are also hugely appealing, with wireless DLNA support (through a $90 optional USB dongle) and an ethernet port. There’s also support for IP-based entertainment like YouTube and widgets directly on the TV. And you can play back a whole range of video file types either over wireless DLA or through a USB stick plugged in the side.

The 6000 and 7000 range will hit shelves in the first week of May, with the 8000 series coming a coupl eof weeks later. Samsung are marketing these sets as a whole new technology based on the LED backlighting, so expect to see a whole lot of fuss in stores if you’re looking to spend your Rudd dollars on a big screen. And speaking of price, you’re looking at a bout a 10-15% premium on the current Series 6, 7 and 8 LCDs currently on the market.

Samsung brings a range of Next Generation TVs to Australia
Samsung LED launches “new species” of televisions

Samsung Electronics has created Australian TV history with the launch of an entirely new range of revolutionary Samsung LED TVs. Arriving in Australia in May 2009, the range offers a unique combination of features centred on edge lit LED technology that makes this a quantum leap in television innovation. This new range introduces Australians to truly stunning picture quality, a slim design never seen before, a new level of energy efficiency and next generation interactive television capabilities.

The new Samsung LED televisions, Series 8, Series 7 and Series 6 models, set themselves apart from the rest of the TV market in a newly launched category – Samsung LED, a revolution in flat panel television. This “new species” of television continues Samsung’s technology leadership as the pioneer and leader in white LED technology, and follows on from the critically acclaimed Series 9 LCD with LED backlighting released in October 2008.

The new Samsung LED TVs use White LED edge-lighting behind a state-of-the-art LCD panel, providing a depth of contrast and picture quality that must be seen to be believed. White LED, or Light Emitting Diode, is a new approach to TV back lighting (or in this instance, edge lighting), as compared to conventional RGB (red-green-blue) LEDs or CCFL. The LEDs generate pure white light out of the miniscule semi-conductors at the edges of the television, reflecting off of millions of tiny mirrors through the panel. The pristine light is converted to billions of colours by the LCD panel, and creates a mega contrast ratio to produce this revolutionary step in television picture quality.

The placement of the edge-lights (as opposed to bulkier back lights) allows the new Samsung LED TV range to show off some of the slimmest and lightest Full HDTVs ever produced. The reduced weight (due to the absence of bulky components such as CCFL lighting) has led to Samsung creating a unique wall mounting system, allowing consumers to hang the television on the wall literally as easily as they would hang a picture frame. Amazingly, even an integrated HD tuner is included inside the wonderfully slim chassis, so there is no need for an extra box.

“These new Samsung LED televisions redefine the standards for image quality and aesthetics in home entertainment,” said Mark Leathan, Head of Marketing, Consumer Electronics, Samsung Electronics Australia. “Samsung is committed to developing technology and products that go beyond current expectations of innovation and quality. We are excited to be at the forefront and believe consumers are the real winners of this TV revolution.”

LED lights are also significantly more energy efficient than traditional back-lighting technology, allowing TVs to run at up to 40% less power consumption for a typical LCD TV of a similar size. Some members of the new Samsung LED TV range have tested at government standard energy ratings of 6 stars (a typical Plasma TV may run at 2 stars, and LCD at 4 stars). That means lower electricity bills and less power consumption.

The new Samsung LED TVs (Series 7 & 8) also build on new interactive TV functions, first introduced in Samsung’s premium LCD range in late 2008. With Samsung’s Medi@2.0 interactive TV features, consumers will be able to access YouTube, NineMSN* and other “widget” TV features from the internet, stream content wirelessly from your PC via DLNA, enjoy stored contents on the TV itself or from any USB-enabled device, such as memory sticks, MP3 players or external hard drives.

Leathan continued; “Samsung’s range of edge lit white Samsung LED televisions are very much the future of the TV industry. Last year, Samsung released an LCD HDTV with LED backlighting which wowed reviewers and consumers alike. We’re thrilled to bring Australians an entire range of Samsung LED TV products to support consumer choice. As the largest selling manufacturer of flat panel televisions globally, we’re delighted to bring this new category to the Australian market.”

Key Product Features

3,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio: The introduction of Samsung’s new Mega Contrast technology enables the new TVs to achieve contrast levels like never before. By intelligently controlling the LED’s brightness levels, authentic blacks can now be truly represented.

200Hz Motion Plus™: The premium Series 8 is the first Samsung LED HDTV to feature 200HZ technology – displaying quick, action packed motion minimising blurring or image jarring (the Series 7 and 6 feature Samsung’s 100Hz Motion Plus™).

Ultra Slim Design: By using LEDs, Samsung has been able to shave the TV down to ultra-slim depths. At just over 2.5cm thick, the sets remain trim without cutting back on connectivity options. Consumers will also be able to purchase a unique and ultra-slim wall-mount solution to significantly reduce the gap between the TV and the wall. This TV is also surprisingly lightweight making wall mounting as easy as hanging a picture.

Crystal Design: Bringing a new aesthetic to Samsung’s acclaimed Crystal Design colour finish, the new range feature a series of design options. The premium Series 8 has a deep piano black bezel that fades into distinct chrome finish. The Series 7 has a grey crystal bezel and the Series 6, a subtle rose black that highlights how the colour changes depending upon the viewing angle.

Energy Efficiency Credentials: Lit by LEDs, Samsung LED Full HD TVs, the Series 6, 7 and 8 all increase the power efficiency of large screen TVs significantly. Energy consumption is reduced by 40%+ versus traditional HDTVs of similar size. The Samsung LED HDTVs also include an optimised energy savings mode that adjusts the backlight and picture quality while continuing to produce smoother, more natural images. LEDs are also mercury-free.

Media@2.0: Samsung’s Series 8 & 7 offer the next generation of connected features including (not available on Series 6);

Internet@TV: Access the online content from You Tube when you want it, all at the touch of a button. Consumers will even be able to enjoy a growing library of widgets, as the widget development kit will be open to content providers to create an ever expanding range of new offerings. Nine MSN content will be available in widget format from August 2009*.

DLNA Wireless: The TV is and always will be the hub of home entertainment; however with the ever expanding array of entertainment devices, consumers need options. DLNA Wireless capabilities take your multimedia experience to a whole new level by giving you the ability to stream all your movies, photos and music from your PC onto your new Samsung LED TV wirelessly.

Content Library Flash: From games to recipes, enjoy the benefits of the built-in Content Library Flash. This updated feature now gives you complete control with the option to delete and expand your library with free content downloaded from the web.

USB 2.0: Play video files, view photos, listen to music, and even save your favourites directly onto your TV. This feature supports both flash memory and external hard drives.