Optus 2-in-1 SIM Card Makes Upgrading To iPhone 4 Easier (UPDATED)

 title=We’re nine days away from the iPhone 4’s launch, which means it’s time for Telcos to start trying to convince you they’re the best place to get the iPhone. It seems like Optus has struck first with the announcement that they’re offering customers a 2-in-1 SIM card that can be used in your current phone, but has a smaller MicroSIM componenet that can be popped out when you get your iPhone 4. Clever.

We’ve contacted Optus to find out whether or not the 2-in-1 SIM card is backwards compatable – so you can go back to your standard phone if you can’t bear the antenna issues surrounding the iPhone 4.

But backwards compatibility or no, this is a clever way of dealing with the potential awkwardness of moving to a phone that uses the smaller SIM card.

UPDATE: Nope, you won’t be able to stick the Micro SIM back in the full sized version and change phones, but Optus say that you can swap your SIM in any Optus store. They also clarified for anyone trying to apply for the 2-in-1 SIM and getting error messages – the offer is only valid to customers who pre-registered their interest in iPhone 4 and received the relevant email.

[Optus 2-in-1Thanks Ben and Joe]