Internode Fetches IPTV For Early Adopters

IPTV provider FetchTV lines up another Aussie ISP as Internode announces “early adopter” program for the Pay TV platform.

Regular Gizmodo Australia editor Nick was pretty impressed when he recently had the chance to check out Fetch TV’s offering, but at the time, it was limited only to iiNet customers, and even then only to customers using iiNet’s BoB Modem/Router.

The field for those wanting FetchTV has just widened, however, with Internode announcing it’ll be rolling out the service in late September, although you’ve got to be wiling to be something of a guinea pig for the service in order to do so. Internode’s announcement for the service quotes MD Simon Hacket as saying that “The FetchTV Early Access trial will let keen customers help Internode to ‘road test’ the service and our support for it, ahead of the doors being opened to all eligible Internode customers later in the year”.

The service will initially cost $29.95 per month (plus a $99 setup fee) on top of your existing Internode service fees, with an early offering of twenty subscription channels, thirty movies per month and free to air digital as well. Internode will later release a “lite” package with a subset of those channels, but when it does so the offering will go slightly wider in terms of geographic availability.

Those interested can sign up over at Internode’s FetchTV page.

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