SockItz Gives Your PowerPoints Added USB Charging Goodness

 title=If your house looks anything like mine, it’s powerboard after powerboard, as I do my best to find somewhere else to plug in yet another gadget. That’s what looks so good about SockITz – simply by replacing the standard double AC jack, you get a couple of bonus USB charging ports for all those gadgets that don’t really need the big chunky power plug.

The USB ports offer 5V of juice each – enough to charge most gadgets, including mobile phones, satnavs or the iPad – leaving the two 240V AC plugs for those other high-power gadgets that need them.

Each USB port comes with a dust cover, which automatically kills off the power when closed, meaning you don’t actually waste any power. But perhaps best of all is the fact that the $35 powerpoint is a direct replacement for your current port, meaning easy installation.

The SockITz is available for pre-order now with an expected ship date of October.