TPG Brings 1TB Plans To The Market Too

Terabytes seem all the rage these days. First iiNet, then iPrimus, and now TPG – by way of the Whirlpool forums – have announced 1TB data plans for ADSL2+ connections. Who’s excited?

The TPG plan announced on Whirlpool is for a $70 plan including 1TB of data, 500GB peak and 500GB off-peak, with home phone line rental, number porting, unlimited free local calls and 6 or 18 month contract options. The price offered is $70, and the plans should be available from September 1.

As Gus over at Lifehacker points out, it’s only available in limited TPG coverage areas, which kind of sucks for most potential customers, while commenters on Whirlpool are a litle miffed that current TPG customers aren’t able to upgrade to the plans straight away – these are for new customers apparently.

Still, it’s nice to see the issue of data becoming a real non-issue, with both high allowance and unlimited plans in the market now.

[Whirlpool via Lifehacker]