Meet The TARDIS Made Of SNOT

Great Lego TARDIS. Terrible, terrible acronym.

I’ll happily admit as a youngster to making my share of TARDISES and Daleks out of Lego — or at least as good a simulacrum as an eight year old with a limited supply of Lego could manage.

This Lego TARDIS, made by Jon Lazar AKA “JustJon” has motors for playing the theme tune, LED Lighting and collapsible panels. It’s even got realistic looking windows. I would have killed for this age eight, but there is one minor fly in the ointment.

To get the windows looking smooth and realistic, Jon used a technique to hide the lego “studs” from view with perhaps the most unfortunate acronym ever. It’s Studs Not On Top, or SNOT for short.

If the heavy presence of SNOT hasn’t put you off, check out this YouTube video of the Lego TARDIS in action.