Telstra Desire Froyo Update Coming ‘Within The Next Few Days’

 title=It seems like an age since European Desire owners got the update to Android 2.2. An age that Telstra Desire owners have been stuck with 2.1 – or if they were confident enough – a self-installed version of the Froyo OS. But it looks like the wait is almost over for Telstra Desire owners, with the Telstra Twitter team telling reader Con that an OTA update should arrive “within the next few days”.

Obviously, that’s a fairly lose period of time that could be stretched out for a while. But it does sound like Telstra Desire owners will be enjoying the joys of Froyo before the end of the month at least, and over the weekend at best.

So if you own a Desire through Telstra, keep your eyes open and your fingers crossed for the update appearing over the weekend.

[TwitterThanks Con!]